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Heating Options

Whetstone Valley Electric has heating experts that can help you design a heating system or supplement your current system. Free estimates are available.


Baseboard heaters may be mounted on the wall or near the floor. They range in size from 2-10 feet in length. Thermostats can be installed on the wall or on the heater itself. Baseboard heating can be ordered in 120 volt, 240 volt, 277 volt and 480 volt. Baseboard heaters are ideal for quiet living, and are an inexpensive way to supplement the heat source in colder rooms.


Cove heaters are mounted on the wall just about 2 ½ to 4 inches below the ceiling, making them one of the safest heaters. They possess convection heating properties, and radiate warmth in the surrounding area. Cove heater thermostats can be mounted on the wall or the heater itself and provide individual room control. The Cove heater comes in a variety of sizes and voltage ratings: from 450 watts and 34 inches long to 1800 watts and 132 inches long.

Electric Fan Forced Panel Heaters:

This type of heater is a good choice for use anywhere you have little wall space and a large heating requirement. Often you can find these space heaters in entrances, bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Fan forced heaters can be ordered in a variety of output watts (500-12,000 watts) and voltages (120 – 277 volts).

Electric Furnaces:

These units provide whole house heating through an air duct system. The thermostat is placed in a central location in your home. Because of their simplistic design, electric furnaces are reliable, and inexpensive to purchase and install. The heating is warm and comfortable.

Electric Plenum Heating Element Set:

Install this unit to instantly convert a fuel oil or gas furnace into an electric furnace creating a Dual Fuel system in your home. These plenum heaters are designed to fit above Central Air Conditioner Coils or Heat Pump Air Coils, and work with a heat pump to provide a heating system that operates at a higher efficiency and a lower cost. For more information contact our office and

Air to Air Heat Pump Equipment:

Air to Air Heat Pumps are unique systems that provide heating and cooling for any home or business.  Unique because they use outside air to warm the house,   and the reverse to cool the house, extracting heat from inside and releasing it outside. Our Carrier Air to Air Heat Pump system is quieter than many of the heat pumps currently on the market, and they set a great standard for energy efficiency.

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