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Outage Reporting: 605.432.5331

Outage Procedures

In Case of an Outage

  • If power is out at your residence or business go to main breaker or fuses at your meter. If you don’t have breakers or fuses at your meter check breakers in house or building. Check if fuses are blown or breaker is tripped. If comfortable, try to reset breaker by pushing all the way down and then up to reset breaker or replace fuses if blown. If this does not work or you are uncomfortable doing so, call Whetstone Valley Electric for assistance. Another check you can do, is see if there are numbers on the LED display of your meter, if there is, this means there is power to at least the meter. If no numbers show this means power is most likely out coming to the meter pole. This information is beneficial to us when you call.
  • If there is power to one of your buildings or some of your appliances, but not others, this is most likely a problem in your electrical panel. This is consumer owned and most likely would require an electrician to fix. We at Whetstone Valley Electric have electricians or lineman who will be able to assist you, but charges will be incurred.
  • Check with your neighbor to see if they have power. This will also help us to know where to start looking for the problem.
  • Call immediately; Do not wait for your neighbor to call in.

It may also be a good idea to leave a light on so you know when power is restored. You may also want to unplug sensitive electronic equipment, such as TV’s and computers.

To report an outage or other problem, call toll free 800-568-6631 or 605-432-5331, use your name how it appears on your energy bill or account number. Never go near downed power lines!


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